What Exactly is an IRS Tax Attorney?

If you’ve never heard of an IRS tax attorney in the past then you’re undoubtedly wondering what on earth such a position entails. As you well know, the IRS is the government department that handles tax – but why would anyone need an attorney to deal with them?

Here’s the simple and unadulterated truth: If you are in debt to the IRS because of outstanding and unpaid taxes, an IRS tax attorney could help you out.

What Does an IRS Tax Attorney Really Do?

Essentially an IRS tax attorney acts on the behalf of their client to help negotiate a debt settlement with the IRS.

Unlike regular debt settlement with banks, credit card companies and other institutions, the IRS is a very different and very unique entity. It has its own types of settlements, and various options that allow and help debtors to settle their accounts.

That being said – most people aren’t aware of these options.

As such, the very first role of an IRS tax attorney is to inform and provide their clients with the complete list of options that they can pursue. It is worth noting that when it comes to the IRS, some of the settlement options may have strict conditions attached to them and so you’re probably not going to be eligible for certain options – which is why an experienced tax attorney who knows exactly what each type of settlement requires would be an advantage.

Even after a client has chosen a debt settlement option however, an IRS tax attorney still has work to do.

In some cases, settling IRS tax debt is a simple affair – but in others it is not. Some of the options may even require various negotiations to decide on not only whether or not the client is eligible, but also the amount of the debt that they’re going to pay off, and so on.

Having an experienced lawyer who knows and has dealt with IRS officers in the past handling the negotiations will help ensure that you get the best deal possible. If you choose to handle such negotiations yourself, you’ll probably end up with a deal that isn’t nearly as good.

For example, your IRS tax attorney may help you to negotiate a partial payment in installments where you don’t even have to pay off the full debt amount, making it a lot more affordable based on your monthly income. More explained here!

To cut a long story short, an IRS tax attorney can help you settle your debt with the IRS in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

While it is true that hiring an IRS tax attorney will cost you money in the first place, to put it into perspective it must be said that in the long run you could end up saving much more by knocking down the amount of IRS tax debt that you need to pay off.

There are many IRS tax attorneys in various states, and finding one shouldn’t be too much hassle if you need to know more!

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