Does Everyone Need to File an Income Tax Return?

The question of the tax return is very common and its answer is also very easy. It is not necessary for everyone to file an income tax return each year. There is no need to file it if the total income of a person is more than the standard deduction with one exemption and the person is not dependent on someone who is a taxpayer. The type of income and the person’s age with filling status plays very important role on filing a tax return.

Gross Income Threshold

The claim of standard deduction is for every taxpayer which is fixed by the government. It is fixed before the season of tax filling and it increases because of inflation in a country.

The calculation of income is very important in calculating income tax return. The return is not filed if the income of a person does not increase the overall sum of exemption. The standard deduction is also not taxable in this situation. You should not include tax-exempt at the time of determining to file a tax refund.

If you are below the age of 65 and earning $10.350 then you should file a tax. The person of 65 years of age receives social security income and she/he is eligible to receive more income than his fellows. You can file a separate tax return if you are married and you have to include social security income. It is made at the time when you evaluate about exceeding the value of gross income from standard deduction. IRS also has the term of people paying tax on the income of social security if the income is high.


Tax Filling of Dependent

There are different IRS filing requirements for the taxpayers who are depending on someone who is also a taxpayer. It does not matter that are children or young. It is because a dependent cannot claim exemption of their own and a tax return becomes very important for them as the income of the single taxpayer is more than the standard deduction of that person.

Claiming Tax Refunds

There may be chances that you want to file a tax refund. There is one way of tax refund if federal taxes are suspended from your paycheck. It is necessary to file a tax refund for IRS to automatically issues refunds.

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